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Three Part Bible Doctrine Test

Dear Reader, please take a quick moment to pray for God to send His Holy Spirit to be your only Guide as we continue. Thanks SO much!
     There is actually a, "One Part Bible Doctrine Test" that works perfect EVERY time! In fact, if you don't use the following "One Part Bible Test," the Powers of Darkness WILL over-ride EVERY other test you use, including the Test we present here, and they'll make sure you end up embracing one of their, "Doctrines of Demons." That's their job, and they've had 6000 plus years to perfect their lies and delusions.

The Holy Spirit
If we sincerely, and honestly ask God to send His Holy Spirit to be our Guide, He will. Jesus promised His Disciples the following: "Howbeit, when He, the Spirit of Truth, is come, He will guide you into ALL TRUTH; for He shall not speak of Himself, but whatever He shall hear, that shall He speak, and He will SHOW you THINGS TO COME" (Jn.16:13)! The key to this test is "Sincerely and Honestly!" If you Truly do this, you'll not need any of the rest of this Website. As a matter of fact, if you don't Truly seek the Holy Spirit, the rest of this Website will be totally useless!

"Three-Part Bible Doctrine Test"
This Author's full time hobby for the past 50 + years has been Bible Research. Through the years God has helped him develop this 3-Part Test. It always works perfectly in identifying true and false Bible Doctrines. It's very simple and works EVERY time.

Where False Doctrines Come From?
EVERY False Doctrine introduced into Christianity is from none other than Satan himself. There are times when good, honest, sincere Ministers have promoted Satan's False doctrines because they simply didn't know. Some Readers will recoil and declare that this cannot be! We want to be kind and respectful, however, any honest person knows that every Denomination within Christianity has some good sincere Ministers in it. Obviously certain Denominations teach Doctrines that are completely opposite from other Denominations. God is not the Author of confusion! Satan is the "Father of all Lies" thus he attempts to insert his lies into all Denominations. Of course this is true in all Religions, Christian and non-Christian. Many honest Ministers have prayed and studied their Bibles and, with the help of the Holy Spirit, abandoned Satan's lies and False doctrines. What we intend to do here is show how God gave everyone common sense and expects us to use it. Let's look at the 3-Part Test.

Test Question One
Does the Doctrine Attack God's Character?
Does it bring reproach on God? If it does, it was invented by Satan, it is a "Doctrine of Demons, and it's False - ALWAYS - No Exception! This may seem like a given, but if we stop and apply this test to many so-called "Orthodox" Doctrines, the results are shocking! This first question is the most telling of the 3-Part Test because every Doctrine of Demons Satan has introduced into Christianity is designed specifically to besmirch God's character! There are NO EXCEPTIONS!! When we apply the Test, it is shocking how many Doctrines have slipped into Christianity that are actually blasphemous attacks on God's Character. That's all Satan is about! It's now his ONLY purpose!

Test Question Two
Does the Doctrine Allow or Promote Disobedience to God's Law?
Same as above! If the Doctrine gives permission to disobey God in any way, it's a Demonic False Doctrine - ALWAYS - Every Time - No Exceptions! As with the first Test, this is Satan's purpose! He wants to make us believe God has forced IMPOSSIBLE Rules upon us. This was the first sin found in Satan's heart while he was still Lucifer, the Chief of God's Holy Angels!

Test Question Three
Does the Doctrine Disallow Freedom of Choice?
Once again, if it does, it's False - ALWAYS! This seems a little confusing at first, but Freedom of Choice is the only reason God did not destroy Satan when sin was first found in his heart while he was Lucifer and still in Heaven. God absolutely does NOT want Robot obedience!! He wants His Universe to be filled with creatures that obey Him because they CHOOSE to - because they WANT to - because they LOVE HIM!! He has no interest in people loving Him because they fear being tortured in a fire throughout eternity!!

Let's Test the Test

Never Ending Torture - Test # 1
One of the most Blasphemous Doctrines of Demons Satan has invented and forced into Christianity is the Doctrine of "Never-Ending-Torture!" Sadly he has persuaded some truly good and otherwise honest Ministers to promote his Doctrine. So, let's put it through the test, and sure enough it falls flat on the very first Question. "Does it Bring Reproach on God's Character?" The Doctrine fails miserably!

Simply put, a God of Love would never, ever torture His creatures throughout Eternity.

Why Scripture SEEMS To Promote Endless Torture
The Bible has been translated and transcribed for 2000 years by Theologians and Bible Scholars who, from generation to generation, have been taught that "Never-Ending-Torture" is a Bible fact. However, God has protected His Word so that, even though most of the Bible Scholars translating the Bible have been miss-taught, the real truth about the final punishment of the wicked finds its way through their translations and the real truth emerges clearly. You can study this subject from ANY Bible translation, and the real truth always comes through. Satan injected the Early Church with Greek Mythologists who claimed they had become Christian. These false christians wasted no time introducing the false doctrine of, "Immortality of the Soul" into the Church. During the Dark Ages Satan inspired Church leaders to teach that God was portrayed as torturing lost people forever! Sadly, some of the Protestant Churches simply didn't finish "Protesting" against this and many other False Doctrines. Be sure to see "Tortured Forever" and "The Real Punishment of the Wicked."

Obviously "Never-Ending-Torture" miserably fails Doctrine Test #1. Not only is it blasphemy to say God tortures His Creatures throughout eternity, the evil doctrine contains another horrible flaw, and it may be even worse!
Did Jesus Endure All of Your Hell for You?
Jesus took ALL of our Punishment on the Cross - EVERY bit of it and more!!! Thus to say that we were destined to spend Trillions of un-ending years writhing in trillion degree fire, bellowing and screaming for mercy, but yet Jesus only spent 3 days in such torment, is a blasphemous attack on Jesus and God!! See our Blogsite "Did Jesus Take Your Hell." In that Blogsite, we ask that question, and not one "Never Ending Torture Promoter" has EVER really answered! They CANNOT answer, and they never will! They needn't even try!! Their only answer, "All I know is the Bible teaches Everlasting Hell!!!!" Some make feeble attempts to explain their false doctrine, but their answers only make the false doctrine look even worse. To see proof of this, see our Blogsite, "Did Jesus Take Your Hell for You."

The test completely elements the notion that God is torturing people forever. It also exposes the fact that Jesus did NOT side-step enduring our punishment.
     Let's go through a few more False Doctrines to demonstrate how well the Test works. Again, EVERY false doctrine fails on the first part of "Attacking God's Character." All Doctrines of Demons do exactly this!

Grace Demands We Disobey God's Commandments Test #2          This should be a "No-Brainer!" It should be, but this evil Doctrine has found it's way into almost every Christian Denomination! Our Silver-Tongued Ministers have found some very clever ways of selling us this foolishness. This Doctrine of Satan fails on both of the first two Questions. It "Attacks God's Character," and, of course it claims that "Disobedience is Acceptable," even mandatory. Our Preachers have convinced some of us, most of us actually, that obeying God's Commandments has not only been annulled by "Grace," obedience is completely impossible, even if we ask God for the strength to do so! Let's not take time to dignify such nonsense that disobedience is acceptable and mandatory, and look at how it "Attacks God's Character."

In the Garden of Eden Satan told Eve that God was withholding something very good from her and Adam. He said that if they disobeyed God, they'd be put on a level equal with God. In other words, God's character was bad because He was withholding their opportunity to advance to a "God-Like" status. If Satan were telling the truth, God would have been a bad God. But Satan lied! Disobedience brought them down instead of advancing them.

So it is now! Accepting the lie that "Grace" allows (demands) us to disobey God is definitely a Doctrine of Demons! But how is this an attack on God's Character? Let's look. Jesus gave the Law to Moses so that Moses could pass it on to the Children of Israel. Jesus wrote it in Stone with his own finger! Then, for the following 1500 years Jesus punished Israel when they turned their backs on His 10 Commandments. For us Christians to say Jesus now wants us to disobey His Commandments would mean that for 1500 years He punished Israel for disobeying Laws they were completely unable to obey, even if they asked for God's help.

This whole notion that God wants us to Obey His Commandments for a "Dispensation," then disobey those Commandments for a Dispensation, then go back to enforcing the Commandments for a Dispensation, can be nothing else but an open attack on God's Character. God simply does NOT do such!! The notion that Grace frees us to disobey God is no less than the lie the Serpent told Eve in the Garden of Eden. He said that disobedience would result in her and Adam becoming Gods. Now he's telling us that Grace means God will reward us because we disregard His Law in favor of "Grace!" Same lie, just dressed up in different clothes.

Does The Doctrine Disallow Freedom of Choice Test #3
The first 2 False Doctrines are easy. Common Sense eliminates both. However, this last Test will anger many of this Author's good friends! We will examine the Doctrine of "Eternal Security" or "Once Saved - Always Saved." With all due respect, this Doctrine attacks the very heart of why God allowed sin to run its course when Lucifer rebelled. God will NEVER have anything to do with setting up His Universe on anything other than Freewill Allegiance to Him! He NEVER has and He NEVER will, EVER!!!! God has no interest in Robots!!

"Once Saved, You Can't CHOOSE to Be Lost"
This Author's friends tell him that once a person goes down to the front of a Church and "gives his heart to the Lord," that person can go out and rob banks, become a serial killed and child molester, and even accept the Mark of the Beast, yet still be saved and go to Heaven, because he has NO CHOICE! It's doubtful that any of these friends really believe such nonsense, but many have demonstrated that they do believe part of it.

"I Can Take the Mark of the Beast, and Be Saved"
We could say this proves that those holding to "Once Saved - Always Saved" are not really thinking it through. John made it absolutely clear that EVERYONE receiving the Mark... let's let John tell us. He quotes the "Third Angel of Revelation 14." "And the third angel followed him saying with a LOUD VOICE, If ANY man worship the Beast and his Image, and RECEIVE HIS MARK in his forehead or in his hand, the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out without mixture into the cup of His indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the Holy Angels, and in the presence of the Lamb! And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up forever and ever; and they have no rest day nor night who worship the Beast and his Image, and WHOSOEVER RECEIVETH the Mark of the Beast" (Rev.14;9-11)! (For the Reader who says, "AH Ha!! That verse just canceled what you said about Test #1," we have a whole Blogsite devoted to just this Scripture. See "Tormented Day and Night Forever and Ever" The Blogsite proves conclusively that the above verse is actually one of Scripture's most scathing rebuttals against "Never-Ending-Torture")

Let's get back to "Once Saved - Always Saved." If anyone reading the above Scripture still says a person can receive the Mark of the Beast and be saved, such a person simply does NOT want to know truth and chooses to live in a Delusional Bubble!

Our Challenge
We have given examples of how the test works. No serious Bible Student or Bible Scholar can deny the tests accuracy. This Author has developed 100 Blogsites, all of which discuss Bible Doctrine. We used this 3-Part test on each one. Now, Dear Reader, we challenge you to try it on your own. We've given some short examples here so you will see how easy it works. We also ask our Readers to go to the bottom of this site and challenge us on a Doctrine. We will post your question using the name you give us. We will NOT give your information to any other website or church group. Thanks in advance for your questions.

One Last Test - Tithing Abolished
Many modern Churches say that Tithing, giving a tenth of your income or increase to the Church, is an Old Testament Command and is no longer applicable to today's Church. Let's apply the Test, starting from the bottom.

"Does it Allow Freedom of Choice?" Seems to pass this test fine. You can indeed "Choose" to Tithe or not Tithe, according to these modern Churches.

"Does it Allow Disobedience to God's 10 Commandments?" Oops!?! It may have failed here. Malachi says it is, "Robbing God" to withhold His Tithe! Robbing is stealing. We suggest this has FAILED! Although Tithing is not actually shown in the 10 Commandments, it is still part of God's Word, and there is no indication that God has discontinued it.

"Does it Attack God's Character?" Would God declare that withholding His Tithe was Robbing Him and that to do so would bring a Double Curse, and then later say it was acceptable to withhold His Tithe? Would God consider tithing somehow a sin?  Would accusing God of such "Flip Flopping" be an attack on His Character? It would indeed.

Now, to show that most false doctrines fail on all 3 points, let's go back to the "Choice" Question. As with any Commandment from God, we have a choice, but our bad choice has serious consequences, including loosing our Soul Salvation. God said He would "Curse us with a Curse" if we steal His money, and He said He would, "Open the windows of Heaven and pour us out a blessing that there would not be room enough to receive it," if we obey Him. See Malachi 3:8-11. The choice is ours, but the consequences of choosing wrong are dire!!

Now, Dear Reader, it is your turn. Send us your questions, and thank you for your time and interest!!

Thank you SO much for your time. May God send His Holy Spirit to guide us as we prepare for the soon Coming of Jesus!!

Your Brother in Christ
Walter C. Martin Jr.

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    The five points of Calvinism should be expressed as unconditional damnation.

    The premise of Calvinism that men have no free-will and that men can only be saved if God predetermines each person for salvation.

    Calvinism teaches that men are saved by unconditional election.

    The antithesis of unconditional election is unconditional damnation.


    1. Total Depravity: Man is totally depraved so he cannot choose or desire God.

    If total depravity is true, then unless men are unconditional elected for salvation, they are unconditionally damned to hell for all eternity.

    2. Unconditional Election: God unconditionally elects those whom He has predetermined to save.

    If unconditional election is true, then conversely all others areunconditionally damned, lost outside of Christ.

    3. Limited Atonement: Jesus died only for those who have been unconditionally elected for salvation.

    If limited atonement is a Biblical fact, then all who are not unconditionally elected for salvation will die in their sins because they will face unconditional damnation.

    4. Irresistible Grace: When God calls the elect for salvation, they cannot resist.

    Those who are not called by irresistible grace will beunconditionally damned and will spend eternity in the lake of fire.

    5. Perseverance of the Saints: Once you have been unconditionally elected for salvation you can never be lost. Once saved always saved.

    If God did not unconditionally give you the faith so you could believe and be saved, and you have no free-will to believe or reject Jesus; then you are unconditionally damned. You are once damned always damned.

    God does not unconditionally save anyone nor is anyoneUNCONDITIONALLY DAMNED.

    THERE ARE NO POINTS OF CALVINISM THAT ARE SUPPORTED BY SCRIPTURE. [Read the whole New Testament and understand God's plan for mankind]



  2. A post littered with heresy. Praying for you my friend.